Multi League Soccer

This exciting initiative aims to raise funds to support youth in their journey to exit the streets and create a better future for themselves.

Tournament: July 22nd








Announcement: 20 More spots available. Hurry!!

About Multi League Soccer Tournament

Collaborative Team Sponsorship

Local soccer clubs and businesses have the opportunity to sponsor teams participating in the fundraiser. By contributing financially, these sponsors not only support the cause but also gain visibility and recognition within the community.

Youth Participation

The fundraiser encourages youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to form their teams and join the leagues. By participating in organized soccer competitions, they gain a sense of belonging, teamwork, and personal growth. Additionally, the campaign provides resources and mentorship to help them overcome obstacles and pursue education, vocational training, or other avenues to break free from the streets.

Community Engagement

The Multi League Soccer Fundraiser is not just about the games. It’s a platform for building stronger communities and fostering empathy and understanding. Spectators, supporters, and volunteers are encouraged to attend matches, cheer for the teams, and engage with the youth participants. Through shared experiences, stereotypes can be shattered, and relationships can be forged that transcend socioeconomic boundaries.

Awareness and Advocacy

The Multi League Soccer Fundraiser aims to raise awareness about the systemic issues that lead to youth homelessness and the urgent need for action. Through media campaigns, social media engagement, and public speaking engagements, the campaign strives to change societal perceptions, challenge stigmas, and advocate for policy changes that address the root causes of youth homelessness.

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By combining the passion for soccer with a deep commitment to youth empowerment, the Multi League Soccer Fundraiser spearheaded by Passion For Youth Worldwide stands as a powerful vehicle for change. It serves as a reminder that, with collective effort and determination, we can create a world where every young person has the opportunity to build a brighter future, breaking free from the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

Join us today and be a part of this incredible initiative. Together, let’s kick-start a transformative journey for disadvantaged youth, one goal at a time.

Team 1 Vs Team 3 @ 1:00 PM

Team 2 Vs Team 4 @ 1:00 PM

Team 5 Vs Team 7 @ 1:30 PM

Team 6 Vs Team 8 @ 1:30 PM

Semi Final 1: Game 1 Winner Vs Game 3 Winner @2:00PM

Semi Final 2: Game 2 Winner Vs Game 4 Winner @ 2:00 PM

Eliminator (3rd Place): Game 5 Loser Vs Game 6 Loser @ 3:00PM

Final: Game 5 Winner Vs Game 6 Winner @ 4:00 PM


Registration Fees

$25 per person

Time & Date

July 22, 2023 @ 12:00pm to 5:00pm

Multi League Soccer Fundraiser

Passion For Youth Worldwide, a renowned global campaign dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged youth, is proud to announce the launch of its Multi League Soccer Fundraiser. This exciting initiative aims to raise funds to support youth in their journey to exit the streets and create a better future for themselves.

Empowering Youth to Exit the Streets

The objective of the Multi League Soccer Fundraiser is two-fold: to generate funds for essential programs and initiatives, and to promote awareness about the challenges faced by marginalized youth. Through collaborative efforts with local soccer clubs, community organizations, and passionate individuals, the campaign aims to create a widespread movement of support and solidarity.

Rules & Regulations

Ball Out of Play

Ball above sideline – indirect kick from the point where ball exited the field of play. Ball above end line – goal or comer kick as appropriate. *All free kicks must be taken within 4 seconds of positioning the ball on the floor.

Red Card

Player must leave field and may not return to the game. The team will play short a player for the duration of the game. The red carded player must sit out the next game.

Yellow Card

Player must leave field and may be substituted for. Player may re-enter after a 2-minute penalty period. A second yellow card to a player in the same game becomes a red card.


Each team gets 3 shots (maximum) in order to determine the winner of the game. Each team can chose 3 different player to take the shot. If each teams misses all 3 penalty kicks. It will lead to a penny toss (head or tails) to determine the winner.


Maximum roster of 10 players. Roster changes must be made before the game. All teams play with 8 players plus a goalkeeper.

Game Duration/Substitutions

Games shall be 25 minutes. Substitutions can be made when the player is leaving the field of play at their respective bench area.


1st place will receive gold metals, 2nd place will receive silver metals plus prizes and 3rd place will receive bronze metals plus prizes.

Game Sponsors

Join our mission. Volunteer, Donate, Advocate. Get Started Today.

Join our mission. Volunteer, Donate, Advocate. Get Started Today.